Applewood Orchard in Lakeville, MN 55044
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Lakeville, Minnesota
Applewood Orchard
Lakeville, MN
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Applewood Orchard
Phone: 952-985-5425

22702 Hamburg Ave
Lakeville, MN 55044

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Applewood Orchard

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Fall Events

Please join us for an Antique Tractor Show on Saturday September 27th or on a rain date of Sunday, September 28th if it rains on Saturday. Free hayrides on day of event.

Hours of Operation

Strawberries - June and July
8am - 6pm Daily
Raspberries - mid-July til frost
8am - 1pm Daily
Apples - August through October
Monday-Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday noon - 6pm
NOW Picking Raspberries!

Welcome to Applewood Orchard

Dakota County's Best Pick Your Own Orchard
"Home of Crabby Appleton"

  • Over 13 Varieties of apples starting in late August
  • Dwarf trees for easy picking
  • Strawberries, Raspberries & Pumpkins too
  • PYO or Pre-picked available
  • Apple Cider & Apple Treats **Best carmel apples!!
  • Honey & Gifts (kitchen gadgets)
  • Jams, Jellies & Salsas
  • Hayrides on weekends during fall harvest
  • Tours available

    HINT: To keep your apples longer, refrigerate them, using the crisper drawer or a plastic bag with holes in it for storage. Put a wet paper towel in the drawer or bag. Keep it damp. The refrigerator will draw the moisture from the towel before taking it from your apples.

    Variety Harvest Date Description Use Storage
    PAULA RED 3rd week Aug. Sweet - Medium to large dark red w/ dusty look. Very white flesh. Fresh eating, great sauce maker short
    ZESTAR! 3rd week Aug. Juicy & Tart - Juicy, w/ a delightful balance of flavors -more tart than sweet. Fresh eating and cooking Up to 6 wks at 33 degrees
    GALA 1ST week Sept. Juicy, Firm & Sweet - Small to medium heart shaped bright red to red orange over yellow. Aromatic w/ yellow flesh. Fresh eating, dessert apple & pie maker short
    SWEET 16 3rd week Sept. Very Sweet, Juicy & Crisp - Medium to large dark red w/ red stripes and solid wash rosy red color. Fresh eating, pie & sauce 2 months
    SONATA 4th week Sept. Flavorful - Similar to Golden Delicious. Fresh eating 3 months
    CORTLAND 3rd week Sept. White Fleshed & Crisp - Medium red apple that is crisp, juicy and slightly acidic w/ white flesh that keeps its color. Fresh eating, sauce & salads, pies. 1 month
    HONEY CRISP 3rd week Sept. Crisp, Juicy & Sweet - Large to medium apple. Red over yellow background. Eat w/ napkin in hand. This is a favorite! Fresh eating Up to 5 months
    LIBERTY 4th week Sept. Crisp & Juicy - Small to medium apple that is red striped over yellow, fine texture and sweet crisp taste. Fresh eating, pies & sauce Up to 5 months
    HONEYGOLD 4th week Sept. Yellow & Sweet - Medium to large yellow delicious shaped Minnesota variety with crisp yellow flesh. Fresh eating, pies & sauce 3 months
    HARALSON 1st week Oct. Tart & Crisp - Medium to red w/ prominent dust and russeting. One of Minnesota's best varieties. Fresh eating, great sauce maker, freezing esp. good for pies Up to 6 months
    EMPIRE 1st week Oct. Tart & Crisp - Medium round aromatic, dark red blushed color w/ cream colored flesh. Fresh eating, pies & sauce Up to 5 months
    REGENT 1st week Oct. Crisp with Sweet / Tart Flavor - Medium to large bright red w/ slight stripes. Fresh eating, baking, pies, sauce 7 freezing 6 months
    CONNELL RED/FIRESIDE 3rd week Oct. Sweet, Juicy and Very Large - Connell Red is larger, redder sport of Fireside. Fresh eating, baking, pies & salads 6 months

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