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Premium Services

Our business directory gets thousands of hits a day from visitors looking for the types of services your company offers. Our Premium Services are designed to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your business listing. Our Premium Services include:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Address and Map/Directions
  • Mall Directory
  • Telephone, Fax, Cellular
  • Email and a Link to your Website
  • Hours of Operation
  • Promotions
  • Online Printable Coupons & Special Offers
  • Business Description Plus
  • Images and Photos
  • Multiple Category Listing
  • Event Calendar
  • News and Press Releases
  • Instant Statistics!

    For an additional monthly fee we can create banner ads that appear on the home page or at the top of all pages.
    Your business can also sponsor a top category or we can add your business information to multiple sites.

    The Details:

    Instant Stats!
    Comprehensive stats and hit tracking that include:

    • Hits to your category.
    • Hits to your information page.
    • Click-Thru's to your website.
    • Coupon tracking includes number of views, number of prints and number of prints per month.
    • Search Engine results for each business include the name of the search engine, keywords searched for and date and time the search was performed and directed to your business listing.

    Map Link
    We'll take your address and link it to Yahoo maps making it easy for your customers to find you.

    Multiple Category Listing:
    Increase your exposure by getting listed in multiple categories. Includes a Basic listing in additional categories other than your premium category.

    Your description should include your best sales pitch! This is where you have the opportunity to tell prospective clients who you are, what you do, and why they should do business with you.

    Photos & Images
    Add photos to your display ad. Whether it is a photo of you business, products, services, supplier logos, etc. Adding pictures to your display ad will help promote your business.

    Coupons/Special Offers
    Give visitors a reason to use your services! Special offers, discounts, Giveaways, etc. Get creative!

    Modify your Listing:
    To modify your premium business listing simply click on the link below your listing titled "Modify This Listing" You will be able to make all the appropriate changes to you listing you need to make. (Gold and Platinum Listings only)

    Example Listings: Premium Listing vs. Basic Listing

    Premium Listings start at $50.00 a month, that includes everything listed above and one category.

     Acme Company New this week
    555 Main St
    Spring Hill, FL 55555
    Phone: (916) 555-1212
    Fax: (916) 555-1313
    Cell: (916) 555-1414
    Rating 10.00 (4 votes)
    More Info | Rate this Business | Modify this Listing | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)

    Platinum Listing: Priority positioning at the top of your category in alphabetical order.
    Acme Company New this week
    555 Main St
    Spring Hill, FL 55555
    Phone: (916) 555-1212
    Rating 10.00 (4 votes)
    More Info | Rate this Business | Modify this Listing | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)

    Basic Listing:
    Listed in alphabetical under all other listing types.
  • If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail at:

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