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About Us

About Us
Nielsen Media Group owns and operates the following local websites:
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We are a local business that supports local businesses. Each site strives to maintain the most up to date information about community events, businesses and shopping malls. We offer incentives for referrals, manage ratings and reviews, we promote and frequent our client establishments. We believe Word of Mouth is one of the greatest forms of advertising, so we continuely recommend and refer business to you, it's what we do. We live here.

These websites are Powered by CityGuide123 Software.
Developed in 2002, this program has been researched, designed and tested to be the most comprehensive area guide for local search. That means we include only thosebusinesses in the town or region represented by the URL. This gives local businesses the greatest opportunity to reachthose residents searching for the their products, services and events. We eliminate the frustration of weeding throughbusinesses that are across town and irrelevant to your search. That makes our sites the best resource for local residents, new residents and visitors.

A considerable amount of time is spent optimizing CityGuide123 software on a regular basis which is why you find us at the topof most search engines, especially the search engine leader; GOOGLE.
Our excellent rankings in turn help your website and business be found in the top search results when a user is searching for a place to purchase. We can drive them to your listing and website or help generate more walk in traffic.
We can provide you with statistics that no other online directory offers. We track everything we can about what the end user is searching for. This is an incredible tool!

In addition, we believe that in today's competitive world, complacency is obsolete, so we are always looking fornew and improved ways of marketing our local businesses. To help us with this, we seek your feedback and value yourcomments and referrals. We have relationships with other advertisers in print, copywriting, graphic design, marketing,promotional products and highly effect streaming video and commercials.

Most of our sites include the following modules: Yellow Pages, Event Calendar, Dining Guide, Salon and Spa Guide,Real Estate, News, Reviews and Ratings, Classifieds, Online Coupons, banner ads and more.

Your success is our goal.

To learn about how we can help your business, please contact us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link below.

If you are interested in launching this software in your town, we can help you get started.
Go to: For more details.

References available upon request.

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